Gulhane Park (Gülhane Parkı)

akustik 106

In the middle of October , I passed from Kadıköy to Eminönü by ferry on a wonderful Sunday. First I visited ‘Mısır Bazaar’ , then I went ‘Beyazıt’. After Beyazıt, I ate fantastic haricot beans in a historic place in ‘Süleymaniye’. after eating, passing ‘Çemberlitaş’ I arived ‘Sultanahmet Square(Blue Square)’. It was began to be evening. Because being in ‘Daylight Savings Time’ ,at around 17.00 , from the street which belongs ‘Ancient Museum’ I went down the ‘Osman Hamdi Bey Slope’ and arrived at ‘Gulhane Park’.

Air, grass and everything was very poetic, so ,it was impossible not to be impressed. There were sound of the underground, people, birds. ‘Gulhane Park’ was stil showing its wonderful hospitality between so much of the density. I sat on the grass and took of my recording devices, then started to listen peace.



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